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Soft Polymer Systems (SPS) specializes in the formulation, manufacture and processing of soft polymer materials and  ULTRAGEL™ viscoelastic gels.

ULTRAGEL™ viscoelastic gels and soft elastomer products cover a wide range of properties from viscous fluid-like materials, supersoft gels (Shore A “000”), soft gels (Shore A “00”) up to more conventional low durometer elastomers (Shore A 10-40)

SPS personnel have over 40 years of experience successfully formulating and processing soft elastomer compounds and viscoelastic gels.  This unmatched expertise enables us to deliver timely and cost effective solutions for the most demanding needs of our customers. 

We offer not just soft polymer materials and gels but compatible coatings and paints, together with a full range of processing equipment and tooling.  When necessary, we design, manufacture and install complete turn-key processing systems for hot melt processing as well as reactive thermoset urethane gel processing.  In short, our goal is to provide customers with complete solutions for processing  soft elastomer products and viscoelastic gel  products whether in customer facilities or on a custom manufacturing basis in SPS facilities.

If you are considering utilizing or currently use viscoelastic gels or soft polymer materials, we’d like to hear from you.  We believe we offer some of the most innovative products and services in this area and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.