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Gel Materials

We offer

  • ULTRAGEL™ viscoelastic gel materials and fabricated products:

        • Soft elastomers, 20 Shore A “000” up to 30 Shore A

        • ULTRAMELT™ SSG Supersoft  thermo-reversible gels from 20 Shore A “000” down to viscous liquids

        • ULTRAGEL™ and ULTRAMELT™ gels are phthalate free, latex free and most are formulated using only USP or FDA compliant ingredients

  • ULTRAPAINT™ highly elastic paints and inks (matching the modulus and elongation of the underlying gel) for surface decoration of gel products

  • ULTRACOAT™ tough elastic coatings for gel protection and enhanced barrier properties

  • ULTRADAMP™ energy absorbing, vibration dampening gels

  • Customizable gel properties include no-tack, low-tack, high-tack, FR and self-extinguishing

  • COMFORMAX™ viscoelastic gel/foam composite materials  with excellent conformation to contact surfaces

  • Custom gel formulations to suit your specific needs...